May 9th & 10th Milwaukee, WI

NO DEAL LOST is your ticket to the no holds barred truth about what it takes to make more deals! You’ll learn exactly what to ask, what to say and how to act to move others to YES!

Day 1: Situational Sales Mastery

Everyone is a Buyer! Everyone can be motivated to buy now! Learn how to motivate your customers to take action and buy now even when the numbers aren’t that exciting! No Deal Lost

Stop Losing Deals because of Cash Down

“No Customer is Without Resources and Resourcefulness!”

  • Learn how to motivate your customers to want to provide it.
  • Learn the 9 ways your customers can get it.
  • Learn how to lead your customer to take action.

Stop Losing Deals because of Co-Signers

“Every Customer Knows Someone Who Cares!”

  • Learn how to get the name of a co-signer quickly and easily.
  • Learn how to motivate your customer to want to ask for one.
  • Learn how to motivate the co-signer to want to help.

Stop Losing Deals because of Price

“Price Only Matters When Nothing Else Matters!”

  • Learn how to overcome early price objections.
  • Learn how to overcome late price objections.
  • Learn how to avoid price objections altogether.

Stop Losing Deals because of Payment

“Customers Can Always Make Sense of Spending More!”

  • Learn how to manage payment expectations upfront.
  • Learn how to help your customers to redefine their budget.
  • Learn how to motivate your customers to increase their budget.


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Day 2: Level 5 F&I Mastery

A credit approval exists for every customer every time! Money and gross ALWAYS follow the financing! Learn how to gain and leverage a 100% approval rate and increase F&I profits immediately! No Deal LostNo Deal Lost

Leveraging Lender Relationships

“Lending Relationships Outweigh Rules & Guidelines!”

  • Learn which lenders you need relationships with.
  • Learn how to build influence with buyers & credit analysts.
  • Learn how to build influence with funders.

Positioning the Right Deal Structures

“Lenders Work Harder to Keep a Deal Than They do to Get a Deal!”

  • Learn how to avoid automatic turn-downs.
  • Learn how to avoid GAP-Only and Line 5 calls.
  • Learn how to position a deal for maximum advance & profit.

Mastering Call-Backs & Negotiating

“Lenders Want to Lend but They Rely on You to Make Sense of It!”

  • Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Learn how to learn, lead & leverage the 5 C’s.
  • Learn how to negotiate fees, rate, term, advance, and products.

Selling More F&I Products

“Insight into What is Real & Personal Changes Everything in F&I!”

  • Learn NEW compelling ways to sell VSC & GAP
  • Learn how to remove objections and gain influence.
  • Learn how to keep the door open to always ask one more time.


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Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport

The Crowne Plaza® Milwaukee Airport hotel is located off I-94, just under three miles from General Mitchell International Airport and less than 10 miles from downtown. This upscale hotel offers contemporary full-service accommodations. 

Travelers may enjoy easy access to area attractions, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee County Zoo and Harley Davidson Museum. Miller Brewery Tours or a Brewer’s baseball game at Miller Park also promise to be entertaining endeavors.

If you are having trouble booking online or if you want to call in directly, you can contact Reservations at 414-764-5300 Be sure to let them know you are booking with NO DEAL LOST  


✔️ Free Airport Shuttle to General Mitchell International Airport

✔️ Parking is Complementary and Provided On-Site

About Your Trainer

About Your Trainer

CEO | Speaker | Writer | Trainer | Sales Success Leader

As CEO of Cornerstone Dealer Development, Mike Hirschfield is on a mission to empower, equip, and exalt sales and finance teams everywhere!

Mike equips teams and individuals with the skills to build personal influence, become trusted advisors and leverage personal solutions that are aligned with their customers’ most powerful buying motives.

Mike began his automotive career as a salesperson at a local Ford Store and quickly rose through the ranks from Salesperson, to Finance Manager, to Finance Director, to General Manager, to Vice President of Sales. Over the years Mike has served in both franchise and independent dealer groups; leading teams as large as 80+ to reach new heights of achievement. Mike has also served in both public and private subprime auto lending organizations forging new relationships, innovating programs, increasing originations, and improving collections.

In 2013, Mike founded Cornerstone Dealer Development because he saw a tremedous need for better training, development, and support! He has since helped dealerships all over the country to capture millions of dollars in additional profits by developing their ability to move others to YES! No Deal Lost

What Others Are Saying...

I am much more confident now, and feel I have tons of growth or upside in my position!

Sales & Finance Manager

I went and utilized these tools you taught us and it made a 4 square much easier to present and I personally felt I was able to get more money down and made the customer feel much more comfortable doing so. Thanks Mike!

Sales Manager

It was very clear the relationship I had built with the whole family played the biggest role in the deal, and I could feel a major difference in how the whole process played out compared to previous deals! Thank you and I’m excited to continue to improve in this area!

Sales Professional

Thank you. It’s the expertise you share that makes us better!

BDC Director

If you have ever wondered what it takes to make more deals you are not alone!

We have the answers… 




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If for any reason you are unable to attend, you will get a 100% credit for tickets you paid for to be used towards any future event, live training, or online course conducted by Cornerstone Dealer Development LLC within 12 months of the original event date. Contact us at 833-663-3255 for details. No Deal Lost

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