Converting Subprime Credit Leads

Live Online Course


When the right systems and processes are in-place, subprime credit leads are money in the bank. Special Finance customers are often burdened with tons of unsolicited offers, numerous unwanted collection calls, and many unfulfilled promises. It’s no wonder they don’t just simply pick up the phone! We believe that everyone is a buyer and everyone can be motivated to buy now! This course goes beyond “good theories” and “best practices” and shows you exactly what to ask, what to say, and how to act so you can get immediate results.


Get More Leads On The Phone

Say hello to contacting and engaging way more leads! Learn how to break through, get attention, and generate a one-on-one phone conversation with nearly every subprime credit lead.


Get More Appointments That Show

Say goodbye to leads that don’t convert and appointments that don’t show. Learn how to leverage credibility and curiosity to sell the appointment and lock down commitment.


Get More Appointments That Buy

At the end of the day, it isn’t the number of appointments that count, it is the number of delivered deals! Learn how to overcome objections, manage expectations, and protect your selling opportunities so that appointments show up ready to buy.


Who Should Take This Course?

This material has been used by General Managers, Directors, Sales Managers, Salespeople, and Business Development Centers to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their leads, increase appointments, reduce spend, and grow sales.

  • Contacts 90%
  • Appointments 76%
  • Shows 68%

Interact Live Online

Learn, interact, ask questions, and receive answers live online.

Recording for 365 Days

Watch a recording of the course as many times as you like for one year.

One-on-One Coaching

Schedule a complimentary coaching call with Mike to master the material.

Course Breakdown

STEP 1: Learn Why Credit Leads Are Unique

Learn what makes subprime credit leads unique, and why subprime credit leads require a process that is different from other dealership leads.

STEP 2: Learn How to Position Yourself For Success

Learn the communication techniques that position yourself for success with subprime credit leads.

STEP 3: Learn How to Campaign Your Subprime Leads

Learn how to develop an effective system to systematically campaign your subprime credit leads.

STEP 4: Learn How to Structure Emails That Result in Phone Conversations

Learn how to stucture emails that get opened, get read, and covert into a return inbound phone call.

STEP 5: Learn How to Structure Texts That Result in Phone Conversations
STEP 6: Learn How to Leave Voicemails That Result in a Return Phone Call
STEP 7: Demonstrate the #1 Outbound Subprime Phone Script
STEP 8: Mastering Finance Objections
STEP 9: Demonstrate the #1 Inbound Subprime Phone Script
STEP 10: Mastering Vehicle Objections
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