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Why should any customer have to leave your store and go to a competing dealership to get approved?

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How many more subprime deals could you deliver if...

t had a system to profitably provide every special finance customer with a credit approval regardless of their credit score

t had lending relationships where the buyers and funders were for you, worked with you, and looked to you as a credit and finance expert

t enjoyed a sales culture of "changing lives" were the entire team not only embraced special finance deals but looked forward to them

t had a proven path to motivate your special finance customers to provide the cash down / co-signer needed for delivery

t were equipped to skillfully instill in your customers a desire to be flexible with price, payment, and product by purposefully managing their expectations

t were positioned to always ask for the sale one more time without sounding redundant or your customers feeling pressured

t were prepared for every customer objection and had powerful word tracts to fall back on even in the toughest of situations

You Deserve the Absolute Best Subprime / Special Finance Training!

Every sale is determined by what you ask, what you say, and how you act. You make the difference!

I went and utilized the tools you taught us and it made the numbers much easier to present and I personally felt I was able to get more money down and made the customer feel much more comfortable doing so. Thanks Mike! 

Justice L.

Sales Manager

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